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Store Set-Up

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So! Your interested in starting your online E-Commerce drop-shipping store, but getting stuck in the whole process of setting up your store! A successful online stores involves  20% foundation and 80% marketing. Creating your website is in the 20% foundation. Often times beginners get stuck in the 20%, Our goal is to get you over to the 80% as fast as possible! So you can start product researching and testing products with Facebook Ads. Your business can't make any money if you aren't spending money marketing. No more getting stuck in the 20%! We have now created a solution to your problem and here to help you! We will get your store built out so that all you have to do is begin focusing on products and Facebook Ads.

The following list below is everything that will come with your Store-Set Up Purchase:

  • Customizing your theme
  • Designing your store the way a professional E-Commerce store should look.
  • Creating your collection
  • Building out your pages (About Us, Shipping Information, Contact Us, Return Policy, Track Order Page)
  • Setting up your navigation menus
  • Setting up your shipping structure for your store
  • Setting up your checkout process
  • Setting up Customer Notifications
  • Installing and setting up all of the app plugins that we recommend in our course material. This is optional however we highly recommend getting the apps we recommend up and running. These app plugins include the Review App, Automated Abandonment Cart Text strategy, Automated abandonment Cart email strategy, Paypal Tracking Info.
  • Clear instructions walking you through on what other small steps you need to do to your store after it has been created for you.

This process will take 4-7 days from the time of you purchasing and then after it is complete we will send over the transfer information to the email you purchased with so that you can then get access to your store.

Do you already have a Shopify Account/Store?

Yes: If your answer is yes, once you have purchased we will then request access to your stores dashboard within 24 hours. Be sure you purchase this with the SAME email your Shopify account is under so that we can be aware of the email we need to request access from.

No: If your answer is no, then once you have placed your Store-Set Up order we will begin creating your store for you and have an email sent to you at the email you purchased within 4-7 days to set up your transfer.

Whats not included in your store set-up?

  • Product descriptions 
  • Product research - Everyone drop-shipping and running their own stores has to learn how to successfully product research. If you don't want to be involved in product research you should consider our Ad Agency Service
  • Product Importing - We are only preparing the design, structure, and layout of your store a long with other fundamental elements, but choosing and importing your products you find utilizing our product research strategies is your responsibility.

If you have any further questions about this process don't hesitate to email us at