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Ad Agency - Dropshipping

What to Expect When Joining Our Ad Agency For Drop-Shipping!


✔️ Ad Account Manager & Point of Contact. Our team strives to provide excellent communication when needed.

✔️Proven Niche Testing  We will be sharing our proven niches for you to pick products from and import into a product list for us to Hand-Pick the products we test for you (unless you have products you want us to test that we approve of).

✔️ Sample Store Structure To Model If you need guidance on how to make your store look we will also provide you a sample store to model. If your store is already making sales and your not brand new this doesn't apply to you.

✔️Required Testing Ad Budget Must have at least $400-$500/month advertising budget for Facebook (On top of the Ad Agency fee)

✔️ Must agree NEVER to touch your ad account or interfere with our strategies. This rule is strict.

✔️No Training Included. Must know how to run a Shopify store and navigate the dashboard as there will be no training involved. We are only running your advertising and testing products for you.

✔️Teamwork We like to view this as a partnership style relationship with our agency. Therefore, cooperation on your end is a big part of your store's success and growth as well! Once we dive into the proven niches you must be ready to import and set up products on your store that we tell you to and when we tell you to. We can’t find you a winner if we aren’t spending money on ads. We can’t spend money on ads if your product pages aren’t ready.

✔️We do not do any teaching in this program, we just take the advertising side of things off your hands and run your ads; Testing & Scaling. So, for example if we instruct you to prepare a product to test you must know how to handle that task by yourself for example: product importing from your supplier, product reviews, strong product page, implement bundle plugins as needed, etc). We will provide you a video walkthrough to help you make a strong product page.


Skill Level Requirement: ANY LEVEL

We are involved in working with beginners starting at zero all the way up to largely established brands bringing in 7 figures per year. With this being said we suggest you are familiar with the following before getting started:
1. Overall Knowledge of the drop-shipping and E-Commerce industry and business model.
2. Order processing and fulfillment.
3. Customer service practices.
4. Lastly, a strong work ethic. We take pride in our own work ethic and client relationships. As mentioned earlier this is like a partnership! We are prepared to take the action needed in order to hit your goals, as long as you are as well! We both want the same outcome, but we both have to do our part!


A personal message from Aaron:

"Whats up! It's Aaron @AaronBall30 on Instagram. For starters I would just like to say thanks for considering making an investment in yourself/business with pursuing joining my Advertising Agency. I love what I do and would love for my agency to play a part in your stores growth! We have produced many successful clients and look to continue growing more of you guys online stores!

With my Agency of 4 years and counting I have always offered Ads Management services amongst other industries & business models, but then we eventually dove into the drop-shipping industry as well after amassing in the 7 figures in sales. I knew this solution would help many online store owners who really want to run a successful drop-shipping store, but not deal with the hassle of learning AND maintaining running Facebook Ads successfully. Facebook Ads can be a very tricky platform to master, and it is in your businesses best interest to always outsource your weaknesses, so you can focus on other elements of your business! We are here to provide the solution to your problem of not knowing a good niche to go into and handling all of of your advertising for you with my proven strategies that has generated 7 figures in online sales! Throughout this journey we also provide advice a long the way to help you with your infrastructure of your online store.

Lastly, I believe in total transparency although my agency for drops-shipping stores has a very high-success rate, in no way, form, or fashion do I do "income guarantees". Anybody on the internet guaranteeing you $xxx,xxx results in this space is not being truthful. I can guarantee we will always stick to my PROVEN SYSTEMS AND STRATEGIES that work time after time for my personal stores and countless clients, because we are persistent and stick to what works. Furthermore, sometimes winners are found in 1-2 weeks and things pick up quickly! Other times it may take longer testing to find you a winning product then we scale it BIG. However, every ad account, store, and pixel is different. Testing products is the name of the game and no test is worthless as you may or may not know Data is reigning  at the top in today's economy being classified as more valuable than oil. Therefore we will always be able to utilize your data as we test  through different products to get closer and closer to your winning product.

We have several 6 figure clients year to date this year in 2020, and looking forward to growing more and more! Many of you will go on to build a brand and others will just ride the waves of winning products. Regardless what your desire is we are here to help you crush your goals!"