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Ad Agency - All Industries

What you can expect when joining our Ad Agency for All industries:

✔️ On-Boarding consultation call with Aaron to thoroughly discuss your brand and develop a plan for how we will go about running your ads.

✔️ A designated Ad Account Manager to run your ads and monitor your Ad Account Everyday 7 days a week.

✔️ A thorough review over your business and what you are currently doing with your online sales. We will review what you were doing and build upon it changing whatever is necessary to take your online sales to the next level. Our first face will be testing and discovering what works.

✔️ Access to message Aaron or a trusted Ad Buyer of Aaron's team whenever you have questions about your business, however keep in mind unless you also book a consulting package there is zero training involved for Ad Agency clients. So conversations will not involve training or consulting as that is a different service that steers away from our sole focus to run your ads and identify what works then work efficiently to scale you into profit!

✔️ Must have at least $500/month advertising budget for Facebook (On top of the Ad Agency fee)

✔️ Must agree NEVER to touch your ad account or interfere with our strategies. This rule is strict.

✔️Must know how to run your Shopify(or whatever platform you are using) and navigate the dashboard as there will be no training involved. We are only running your advertising. So, there will be no store design or store modifications performed by us under this monthly fee.

✔️We do not do any teaching or consulting in this program, we are solely handling your advertising. ie: Sometimes brand new clients to Facebook don't understand the pixel or certain things Facebook Ads allow us to do. For clients who want to be more involved and receive consulting we do have packages at a higher price point that come with more services


Need weekly consulting as well for your business?

We also offer consulting packages a long with the Ad Agency that we can discuss during our On-Boarding Call. We look forward to helping you grow your business with the power of Facebook Ads in 2020!