Ad Agency - DropShipping

What you can expect when joining our Ad Agency for Drop-Shipping:

✔️ Aaron and his team will test 6 products per month.

✔️ We will pick the niches and 6 products per month for you to test (unless you have products you want us to test).

✔️ If you need guidance on how to make your store look we will also provide you a sample store to model. 

✔️ Ad Account Manager 

✔️Must have at least $300-$500/month advertising budget for Facebook (On top of the Ad Agency fee)

✔️ Must agree NEVER to touch your ad account or interfere with our strategies. This rule is strict.

✔️Must know how to run a Shopify store and navigate the dashboard as there will be no training involved. We are only running your advertising.

✔️Must be ready to import and set up products on your store that we tell you to and when we tell you to. We can’t find you a winner if we aren’t spending money on ads. We can’t spend money on ads if your product pages aren’t ready.

✔️We do not do any teaching in this program, we just run your ads. So, for example if we instruct you to prepare a product to test you must know how to handle that task by yourself for example: product importing from your supplier, product reviews, strong product page, implement bundle plugins as needed, etc)

Skill Level: Any Level

A personal message from Aaron:

Whats up! It's Aaron @AaronBall30 on Instagram. For starters I would just like to say thanks for considering making an investment in yourself/business with pursuing my Ad Agency service! 

I truly believe we can help grow a lot of individuals existing businesses and birth new businesses with this service. Although we can't guarantee anything we do have a high success rate with our strategies. As persistent as I am I will always see success with my current strategies however, I know everyone won't be willing to stay committed as long as I do. So what I like to do is tell people to give it at least 2-3 months. If nothing jumps off by then walk away. 

My goal is to find you a winning product as FAST as possible and get you breaking even to where my Ad Agency service pays for itself then go on to scale your business into some profit and build a long term relationship with you and your business. There's times I find winners in 1-2 weeks! There's also times it could take 1-2 months! There's no rhyme or reason to this as EVERY ad account, facebook page, and business is different. My team and I will just remain consistent with our strategies and be dedicated to producing you results.

All we need from you is to NOT TOUCH YOUR AD ACCOUNT at any moment and trust that we know what we are doing, then from there just focus on growing your online store's processes in other areas and allow us to handle the advertising. We will be giving you niches and products to get set up as well, it is up to you on how fast you can get the product pages done and ready to go for us to test.

We will test you 6 products per month. I am looking forward to growing your business! Feel free to email us at or send me a message on Instagram @AaronBall30 if you have ANY questions. Don't hesitate to ask. 

Talk Soon! Get started below, Slots Are Very Limited!