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Meet Aaron. . . .


This is Aaron. He is Inclusively Creative's Founder. After working as an: Email Marketer, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist, Website Designer, Advertiser annnnnddd E-Commerce Marketing Manager for several corporations, he wanted to spread his wings and have control over how his extensive skillset was used. There are many skills that an individual may have, but in the world of corporate America and traditional Marketing Agencies the role you get is the role you get.

Through college where Aaron obtained a Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing/Design & an Associates in Psychology he had been involved in many businesses a long the way as he was always Entrepreneurial driven.

Although, he produced great work for all of the companies he had been given the opportunity of working for he was always frustrated on the inside only getting to be involved in one aspect of a project feeling boxed into that one labeled job description.

This feeling led to the creation of his very own Digital Marketing Agency Inclusively Creative, INC where all things creative can be included! Aaron now serves a range of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporate contracts producing results for his own company and other companies at scale which led to the creation of our .Agency website. Our .Com was all about Design and Design Services. InclusivelyCreative.Agency's sole focus is producing results utilizing strategic advertising and brand building strategies! We have a growing list of services, programs, and digital products that helps Entrepreneurs and business owners produce results and take their businesses to the next level! And Oh Yea! This "My Story" is being written and published on September 16th, 2019. . . .  Somewhere throughout this introduction and the last 5 months Aaron's Agency produced over $350,000+ Online Sales for his businesses single handedly and this isn't including the sales he's produced for clients and corporate America contracts.

To Be Continued. . . . .

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