Drop-Shipping E-Commerce Course - From Beginner to Advanced

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Drop-Shipping E-Commerce Course - From Beginner to Advanced

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So! Your interested in starting your online E-Commerce store, but not sure where to begin right. We've laid out a full on step-by-step process thoroughly in 7+ hours of video content walking you through the steps you need to take to get your store up and running! Aaron (@AaronBall30 on Instagram) will be your instructor throughout this course. Aaron has had a ton of success in the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing space feel free to read more about his story 



Your probably wondering what all comes with this course inside each section, In this course the following will be covered :

Store Set Up Process:

  • Creating your store
  • Selecting a Website Theme
  • Customizing your website theme
  • Building out your website pages
  • How to structure your shipping & return policies
  • Buying your domain name
  • General required e-commerce settings that all stores need
  • Setting up how you will be paid when orders are made
  • Shipping process
  • Tax Process
  • Customer Notifications regarding their order

Beginners Section:

  • Mindset Tips
  • How The Drop-Shipping Business Model Works
  • Choosing your stores Niche
  • Setting Up Necessary App Plugins On Your Store
  • Connecting You With Suppliers
  • Cash Flow Overview
  • Importing Products To Your Store
  • Shipping and Supplier Relationships
  • Product Description Guidelines
  • Product Profit Margins
  • How Ads Works (Overview)
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager & Facebook Pixel
  • Setting Up Your Ad Account
  • Creating your stores Facebook business page
  • How to grow your Facebook business's page followers FAST for social proof!
  • Establishing An Advertising Budget
  • Customer Feedback Score

Product Research Methods:

  • Facebook Ad Product Research Method
  • Ali Express Product Research Method
  • Exclusive 3rd party Product Research Method
  • How to Determine if A Product is Test Worthy
  • Video Ad Creation
  • Sample Video Ads to Model

Product Testing System:

  • Facebook Ad Account Structure
  • How To Understand Your Numbers
  • Creating A Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Targeting People On Social Media With Ads
  • How to Write Advertising Copy


Facebook Ad Testing Strategy Explained:


FREE 30 MINUTE CALL WITH AARON: "Sorry Guys! Purchases Made After 12/16/2019 will no longer include the FREE call. As much as I loved having a personal conversation with EVERYONE individually that invest into my learning material my schedule is getting SUPER BUSY as I have some big things I have to work on for 2020 and I can no longer offer this call. However, don't allow this to deter you from such great learning material. I spent a ton of time making sure this course is the best it can be to set you up for success! Cheers to 2020! As always, don't hesitate to message me on Instagram.

(Advanced) Custom Audiences & Retargeting with Facebook Ads:

  • Introduction to Retargeting and Custom Audiences
  • Understanding how to create a FUNNEL and use it to your stores benefit
  • How to create Custom Audiences the CORRECT WAY
  • How to set up a retargeting ad the CORRECT WAY
  • How to maximize results with your retargeting ads

(Advanced) Scaling with Facebook Ads:

  • Scaling Phase 1
  • Scaling Phase 2
  • LAA introduction
  • Creating LAAs and Testing LAAs
  • Scaling with LAAs
  • CBO introduction
  • Scaling with CBOS
  • How to measure CBOs
  • Scaling Phase 4
  • Super LAAs
  • Value Based LAAs
  • Narrowing Down Scaling
  • Demo Scaling


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