Facebook Ads E-Commerce Dropshipping Testing Strategy Blueprint

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Facebook Ads E-Commerce Dropshipping Testing Strategy Blueprint

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Facebook Ads Q4 2019-2020 E-Commerce Testing Strategy Blueprint

Inclusively Creative, INC has winning formulas when it comes to Facebook Ads and E-Commerce. Facebook Ads is currently our primary source of Advertising. Model the same blueprint we follow when testing new offers on Facebook establishing what is going to convert well. 

When it comes to using Facebook Ads for your E-Commerce business you can never really know exactly what audience is going to convert for you and produce sales rather its a product or service you are selling. Testing and then responding to the data accordingly will always need to happen when advertising on Facebook. Testing and knowing what to do based off of the data is a key part of what Advertising is all about. With this blueprint we get straight to the point and provide you with the exact steps to take to test products or services on Facebook. 

This Blueprint Includes The Following Deliverables:

1 x PDF Document 

25 Minutes of Video Content

This Blueprint Includes The Following Information Listed Below:

Testing Structure:

✔️How To Set Up Your Advertising Campaign

✔️How to set up your columns accordingly and measure the important metrics

✔️Margins To Pursue When Testing Products

✔️Budgets To Know How Much Money To Risk For Each Product You Test


Rules Every Ad Set Must Follow:

✔️How To Identify A Failing Ad Set

✔️When To Turn Of Ad Sets

✔️When To Scale Ad Sets

✔️How Much Money To Spend Per Ad Set

Ad Set Maintenance During Testing Phase:

✔️When To Move On To The Next Product

✔️When To Scale Into New Interest

✔️How To Test New Interest

✔️Golden 6 Figure Strategy Rules

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Requirements: Must have a Facebook business manager already set up and a Facebook Ad Account knowing the basics of how to run Facebook Ads.

Who Is This Blueprint Best For: 

  • Beginners just getting started out with Facebook Ads
  • New Drop-Ship E-Commerce Store Owners Struggling To Test Products
  • E-Commerce Store Owners Wanting To Better Their Advertising Testing Strategies with Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Facebook Advertisers/Marketers That Perhaps Know All About Running Ads On Facebook But Never Specifically Ran Ads For An E-Commerce Business
  • Advanced Facebook Advertisers/Marketers who need help refining their strategies when it comes to testing products and offers.

This same strategy has consistently generated our agency $40,000 in sales per month with a HIGH ROAS for the last 5 months. It is current and up to date. We do not plan on revising our testing strategy until March 2020 when Facebook requires CBOs to be mandatory.

Take the guess work away! Model Our Success!