Testimonials & Highlights from a few our top Entrepreneurs we work with.



Nathan is an Entrepreneur who recently opened up an online store and didn't know what to sale or how he was going to advertise it. That led him to reaching out to our agency which we teamed up together and identified his niche and started advertising leading Nathan to doing over $20,000 in sales and his revenue is increasing by the day!




Raquel is an Entrepreneur who runs two E-Commerce stores. She is one of our six figure clients. We handled all of her Advertising needs and helped her grow her stores drastically! One of them has grown to averaging $5,000 per day in sales.




Alexus is an Entrepreneur who wanted to embark on a new journey in the online E-commerce space. She came into the industry brand new wondering if it was possible for her to learn how to advertise online and make money online. She has sense accomplished BOTH of those goals making sales online consistently utilizing her own new knowledge and skills in this space that she has developed in just 2 short months of working with Aaron in his 1on1 business coaching program. Facebook Ads is a very very valuable skill and Alexus seized the opportunity to  gain a new skill and create a business.




Kashief is a business owner and serial entrepreneur. He owns a very successful Vending Machine company and sells products in services in the industry to share his mastery in the industry. In the past 2 months We have generated Kashief $17,000+ in online sales and that number is climbing everyday on track to generate $100k for this client in the year 2020. Two major things we did that helped Kashief take his online sales to the next level is 1. Build him a very strategic FUNNEL and 2. Launch paid ads and retargeting ads with very well written ad copy that aligned with his brand message to increase his conversion drastically. Now we are simply refining and scaling his business! Stay tuned Kashief is working on another online project that we are handling his Paid Ads for! We will share it here soon!




Hudson is an E-Commerce store owner and Brick and Mortar shop owner. We have helped Hudson generate $100,000+ in sales through our Marketing practices for his transmission auto shop then he eventually wanted to seize the opportunity and dive into the E-commerce space where he works daily with Aaron growing his E-Commerce brand from the ground up significantly!




Sean is a very driven entrepreneur who works with Aaron in the 1on1 Coaching Program. He shows up everyday and puts the work in and executes! In the first month in a half Sean has generated $6,5000+ in sales and learned our systems and strategies with Facebook Ads that he also uses on his other business ventures.




Ricardo is a Digital Marketing Agency owner! We work with clients and entrepreneurs in many different spaces. Although Ricardo is in the same exact business model we are in he reached out and wanted to work with Aaron. Since then Ricardo has been implementing our strategies closing new clients and growing his clients business's' drastically.